Gone are the days when people spent time reading what people write. As the audiences around the world become smarter with technologically savvy phones and video-based content, the art of reading is slowly fading. One of the biggest forms of sharing content that individuals think about is through video posts. Individuals use blogging websites or social media websites to make videos that other views can watch and derive the message from easily.

The interactivity of these videos has been growing and maturing over the last few years, and in turn, the audiences are also looking for specialized content. Vlogging or video logging is the next big thing, and audiences are following their favorite vloggers from around the globe by watching and interacting with their videos. As the demand for these vlogging posts rises, the methods of shooting professional content become a necessity. Now, this can be a cumbersome task especially when you have no experience in video production and editing.

Choosing Your Microphone

The most important thing about vlogging is to be able to get the message across. This means that the microphone that you use should be top notch. While mobile microphones are good enough, a little professional touch won’t hurt. Shotgun mics are the ones that are used at the end of a boom and is what you might notice when you see news interviews. The other type of microphones are the Lavaliers, and they are the ones that you can attach to your clothes. There are also wireless lavs which are great without having to deal with a chord all the time. Choosing an external microphone is optional, however, if the message you are delivering is of utmost importance, then using a dedicated microphone is the best option.

USB Microphones are The Trend

The trend with most YouTube vloggers is to use a USB powered microphones. While many vloggers don’t need a web camera in their videos and use external content they shoot on their cameras or their phones, they choose a simple web camera and a better digital camera. They attach a USB powered microphone to their recording software and record the voice over for the videos. One such microphone which is popular is the Blue Snowball. Vloggers who have used this Snowball say that there is absolutely nothing to complain about the device and it does exactly the job it is meant to do. The price is also reasonable for a hobbyist who is looking for a vlog for the first time and doesn’t have a budget to play with.

Another microphone that vloggers love is the Samson Go Mic. The quality of the sound recorded by this microphone is fairly good and comes very close if not is equal to the Blue Snowball. The price is also reasonable, and those who wish to attach headphones to their microphone will find this one to be a better option. Once you have a small budget to play with you can choose the Blue Yeti or the Audio-Technica AT2020 which are a little more expensive but has the best studio quality sound recording.