Professionals who have been in the audio-visual industry have a lot to look forward to in the next few years. There have been several exhibitions throughout this year that has given attendees a small snapshot of the different products that they can expect soon. Some of the best inventions are underway that promises to transform the audio-visual industry, to a large extent. The constantly evolving technology in the audio industry began to outshine its predecessors by including the visual value. The products of the future are set to wow professionals, and they are changing at a rapid pace. To be able to stay on top of the industry’s best, professionals are required to stay in touch with the latest.

4K and Higher

At present, the resolution which is standardized throughout the industry in the video is the full HD 1080p. However, the future has other plans. There will be a large demand for better hardware and better content. The need for 4K is set to rise to keep up with the demand. Audiences are demanding better quality than what HD offers and producers are inclined to satisfy their requirement. Virtual reality is one of the avenues that demands 4K. When using products for large audiences, producers struggle with being able to target the demand. Companies that manufacture audio and visual products such as laptops, televisions and cameras are constantly working to provide the 4K experience to the audiences who buy their devices. With the demand for 4K comes the need to provide incredible sound which is being incorporated into the futuristic products.

Projection Mapping is The Future

You have probably been watching the stunning displays on buildings and events that showcase projections during festive seasons. The technology was a huge success from the time it was introduced a few years ago. Unlike projecting in a room, when you talk about projection mapping, there is a large need for co-ordination and high end, multiple projectors that work together to form the beautiful displays. Projection mapping and delivering crystal clear sound is set to get a lot more complex when having to concentrate on both audio and the visual technologies. Audio that is produced for projection mapping needs to be co-ordinated, and this is an area which has been under immense scrutiny these last few months. The one constraint with audio in projection mapping is the need to be able to cater sound for a large audience and sound which is realistic. This is an area that we can see some significant improvement in the coming years.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Merged Reality

Sporty young guy DJ in glasses of virtual reality against the background of a night city. The concept of the future

The different realities are the new buzz in town. Technological giants have been experimenting and perfecting the use of technology to enhance reality. By doing so, they can provide audiences with the ability to change and warp they way they perceive things. The immense capabilities of virtual reality augmented reality and merged reality has not been completely explored. The audio which is used in Virtual Reality is yet to create the goose bump effect which the video seems to have. Over the next few years, the professional, realistic sound is set to be delivered across the different reality technologies to enhance the viewing experience. Afterall, what is visual without a brilliant sound.