Once you decide to start a podcast, the next step is getting the essential equipment needed to record your first episode. You need the proper equipment to effectively record your podcast, but reasonably priced. Although you can use your smartphone and GarageBand and simply skip purchasing expensive gear, your podcast wouldn’t be of the highest quality. Avid podcast listeners get really annoyed at bad audio quality. Sometimes, with lower quality equipment, the audio can sound scratchy and sometimes there can be a dramatic change in volume that can cause your audience to become frustrated. To avoid these types of problems, it is best to purchase the highest quality equipment that you can afford. Here is a list of the equipment needed for an audio podcast.


The most important piece of equipment needed for recording a professional-sounding podcast is the microphone. The sound quality and clarity of your voice depend on what type of microphone you choose. If you make the right choice in microphones, from the start, then you are putting yourself ahead of the game and you won’t have to spend too much time editing. Choosing the best microphone is so important if you want to sound professional and build your brand as a high quality podcast. There are many great podcast microphones out on the market, and you should look at the reviews and definitely take your budget into consideration when choosing.

Podcast microphone
Woman sitting at computer desk, speaking into podcast microphone


A filer is the little piece of equipment that really helps improve audio quality by diffusing intense sounds. A filter can also save you time on editing because your sound will be at its best. A filter is a simple add on to your microphone that is going to shield your microphone from the popping effect sometimes heard when pronouncing certain consonants. How bad of an effect pronouncing certain consonants can have on your audio really depends on how loud you’re speaking, your pronunciation, and your microphone’s sensitivity. A filter is needed since removing this during editing can be very difficult and time consuming.


Headphones are a great way to monitor your audio as you’re recording. This can help avoid static, level issues, and other problems that may arise when recording. If your microphone or mixer has a headphone output, then you should definitely think about purchasing a good pair of headphones. Editing your podcast with some good, high quality headphones is recommended also. The price range for a good pair of headphones can vary, so when choosing, be sure to choose the best pair in your budget. Ultimately, it’s more important to have the best microphone than to have the best pair of headphones.


To record on a professional level, you need a stand to hold your microphone and filter. When the position of your microphone and filter is fixed, you get a more consistent and level sounding audio. There are plenty of USB microphones that come equipped with a stand, however, if you’re purchasing a dynamic microphone or a more professional condenser, you’ll need to purchase a stand separately.

Recording Software

The software to record and edit your podcast is very important. Digital Audio Workstation or DAW is the music software needed to record and edit. There are so many DAW’s out on the market that were developed for music producers and creators, however, they may not be as best suited for podcasters. When choosing your software, be sure to choose one with a free trial before you commit to paying for the complete version, as you want to try it out first to ensure it suits your needs and so that you can fully test out all of its features.

Podcast microphone and smartphone
Podcast microphone and smartphone


Podcasts are a great way of giving and receiving information. As a podcaster and avid listener of podcasts, I know what all is required for effective listening. If you’re interested in starting your own podcast, the above equipment is definitely needed and will allow you to start off on the right foot. All of the items mentioned above were some of my very first purchases when I first started out. I didn’t spend a ton of money when I first started, however, later on, I upgraded my equipment. Podcasting is definitely growing in popularity, as more and more people are starting to listen to podcasts. Many of those people who have information to convey are even starting to create their own. I listen to my favorite podcasts daily. No matter what I’m doing, I listen. When traveling, I use my headphones to listen. When I’m in the gym, I listen to fitness podcasts on Women’s health mag, and even at home while playing on Pokerstars website, I listen to motivating podcasts. Podcasts are the future, and if you want to start one, now is the time.