While the visuals are critical when it comes to home theatres, the other essential and most significant feature is sound. The sound devices that you connect in your home theatre should be compatible with your screen and should not produce any delays when relaying the sound. If there is one thing that can ultimately hinder the viewing experience is if you hear the audio before the visuals or vice versa. For this reason, ensure you have a wi-fi connection in the room that has a high signal to transmit information quickly. Setting up the sound for a home theatre is easy with these easy tips.

  1. Sound Basics – The sound plays a very important factor in simulating the theatre Home theatres should have sound systems that have five or more speakers that are placed around the room. Three speakers should be at the front of the room, and a minimum of two should be at the back of the room.
  2. Front Speakers – In home theatres, the front speakers do most of the job in producing the theatrical sounds. Two of the speakers in front should be placed at either side of the screen. In technical terms, they are called front left and front right channels. The third speaker in the front is usually placed above the screen in the center. Some people, however, choose to put it at the bottom of the screen which can work as well, however, the best place for the center speaker is right above the screen.
  3. Back Speakers – The back speakers are usually the surround speakers that are responsible for the theatre effect. They are often placed on both ends and at the back. If you want to add more speakers, choose even height-channel speakers for the rear for an even better experience.
  4. The Centre Speakers – The most important surround sound speaker is the center The speaker is responsible for the sounds that come from the soundtrack of the movie and all the dialogues. To hear every conversation clearly and get the complete clarity from a home theatre, the center speaker should be your best friend and rightly placed.
  5. The Sound Levels of Surround – The surround speakers are essential in giving the viewer a full experience of what they see on screen. The natural sounds of the forest and the gun fires in the background and all relayed through these speakers. Therefore, while these are very important, they should never be too overpowering. Make sure that the volume of the surround speakers is always lower than the main speakers for the right experience.
  6. Surround Speaker Choices – You can choose surround speakers depending on the budget and the quality you want to achieve. Subwoofers are also great surround speakers that bring the reality of action movies to life. ACtiipn movies also need the greatest number of speakers for the best Therefore, if this is your choice of genre, then opt to use more subwoofers in your setup.
Surround Speakers