There is a general opinion floating out there in the ether that in order to produce quality music, podcasts or sound recordings in general that you need to spent big bucks on software that’ll transform the sounds you throw into your microphone into audio gold. Yes, high quality recording and editing software can help you create amazing stuff but who said that it had to cost you? There are actually some excellent software packages out there that are absolutely free to download (and I’m not talking piracy you villains!). These packages are great especially for those of you who are maybe just starting out, wanting to experiment with the craft or just working to a tight budget. But that doesn’t mean every bit of free software out there is worth your time or suitable for your personal usage needs and it can be hard to find the right one for you. Fear not though reader for we have you covered, we’ve scanned the market and picked out the best of them for your consideration so have a look at these and see which suits you.


Available on – Mac

You may have heard of GarageBand already, especially if you are a Mac user, it’s an excellent audio recording and editing software first released in 2004. Since then it has seen countless updates and improvements and it is without a shadow of a doubt the best software on this list with features such as virtual instruments, MIDI-editing and it even offers music lessons too, it’s a full audio creation suite.

GarageBand is (as most Apple products are) extremely user friendly, its simple and easy to going on making it great for novices as well as the more seasoned users out there. Recording could not be simpler, simply plug in your mic or your instrument and get going. A wide selection of virtual amps and plenty of sound effects will help you diversify your input. The virtual instruments sound great, many other software packages out there may offer this feature too but often they sound like cheap karaoke backing, these are top quality and though they may not be the real thing they’re pretty darn close. GarageBand also offers a sound and loop library that is constantly growing, these are great for adding new touches to your track and the expanding choice offers you the ability to constantly keep your music fresh. Perhaps the only real drawback is that it’s only available for Mac systems, other users will have to look elsewhere I’m afraid, either that or buy a Mac.


Available on – Mac, Windows, Linux

Fear not PC users for GarageBand isn’t the only well-endowed bit of free recording software out there, Audacity is another great option with plenty of excellent features to suit your needs. Having first been released in 2000 Audacity has undergone plenty of updates and tweaks in order to make it one of if not the leading free audio recording and editing software’s on the market today.