Intelligent audio recording technology is seldom available for retail purchase. Recording audio devices which are available on mobile phones are not the intelligent products, which would help in reproducing professional music. When the Emmy award-winning company, iZotope, Inc. decided to launch its first ever retail product for a recording device, music producers around the world were able to heave a sigh of relief, finally. This simply meant that there is no need to cart around heavy audio recording equipment or having to hope to enhance sound in post-production. Sometimes, it is better to capture the natural sounds that are available when recording audio and video. The Spire Studio by iZotope offers just that.

The Impeccable Features of the Retail Available Spire Studio

The main thing that resonates about the design is its portability. The audio production device can be fit easily into a small bag or a case and can be carried around anywhere easily. The design is fit to carry a rechargeable battery and a long-lasting one at that. Recording for hours together, won’t be a problem with this feature, keeping your creative process intact.

Songwriters and musicians can now carry this small, versatile audio recording product to record music anywhere. The unit has a built-in microphone, and the quality is studio worthy. The creative effects are another thing to brag about. With effects like amps, reverbs and delays, it makes music creating easily and qualitative. The setup time for the Spire Studio is simple, and any sound distortions can be eliminated with the quick one button ‘Soundcheck’ feature.

Being able to record for multitrack is also easily done, especially when taking into consideration the complex technicalities that multitrack recording requires. All types of musicians can enjoy the benefits of the Spire Studio, from hip-hop to rock, the quality of music is brilliant. Audio engineers and producers can capture natural recordings in customized RVs that are set up for recording on the go. Their road tour with their music partner has brought the features of Spire Studio to musicians on the go.

The Brilliance of iZotope

The company is obsessed with one thing; great sound. Their one aim is to develop audio engineering products to fit musicians, producers and audio engineers with the ability to carry intelligent sound recording with them, anywhere. The ability they provide audio professionals to be able to concentrate on their skills than the nuances with recording, is highly appreciated, especially for the cost. At a small price of about $400, the Spire Studio offers even an app that comes with it.

The company designs software, plugins, hardware, and apps for the mobile that helps with the best quality of the sound recording. The interfaces that come with their products are designed to enhance the experience of the user and the musician. The company was started in Cambridge, Massachusetts and their products are available through online retailers such as Sweetwater, Reverb, Chicago Music Exchange and Guitar Centre. With this device, there is no need to worry about a monthly subscription fee to continue using their product and app. Little cost, great value, and pro quality, all the way, is what iZotope is all about.