If you are looking for a good quality audio device that has an international, brand value and is light on the pocket, then Energy Sistem is the one to pick. The company has been revolutionizing audio devices since 1995 and are one of the pioneers in designing for a low budget audience. The company is a Spanish one and has a presence in over 20 countries. The team is a small sized one of just 200 people. However, their product offering is creating quite the stir. In countries such where products from China are flooding the market, with low quality and fragile devices, Energy Sistem offers excellent sound quality and superior design. Even their smallest speakers are powerful for the miniature size, minimalist design, and cost.

New Audio Equipment That is Creating a Stir

The team has been busy with their research and development of a new range of audio equipment that is superior for its price. The over the ear headphones are fit with Bluetooth technology and external sound cancellation. While other audio equipment manufacturers create the same product for a premium price, the Energy Sistem one produces the same, if not better, a product for a fraction of the cost. The battery lasts for over 17 hours of uninterrupted music, and the Bluetooth 4.2 technology provides superior portability.

The earphones come in different color choices, and the 180-degree rotation of the earbuds make it comfortable to wear for several hours. All of this for just the headphones they have launched. For a music box and the other four devices that were launched consecutively, you can very well expect the same. The outdoor adventure speaker especially is one to brag about. The device supports a range of additional fits such as an FM radio and a micro-SD card. The speaker has a torchlight inbuilt and has a tough exterior to help the harsh life of an adventurer.

More than Just Audio Devices

Energy Sistem is a company that covers different audio devices and other technological additions. Very few audio equipment manufacturers provide a battery pack as part of their product offering. The Energy Sistem Energy Extra Battery has 2200mAh is extremely lightweight at a mere 120 grams. So, what’s so awesome about the Energy Sistem battery pack? Well, for one, you can charge two devices at the same time and get the unique product at a meager cost. Unlike other audio equipment companies, this brand looks at all aspects of music enjoyment and addresses it.

Battery packs and audio devices are just scratching the surface of their product range. Energy Sistem also develops digital tablets with the superior sound quality for music fans who are going to use their tablets for music videos. The Xtreme sound technology that the tablet has is brilliant, and the lightweight feature is just perfect for a lady’s bag. At 256GB, the digital device is all that you can ask for and more. With the brilliant list of audio equipment and accessories, there is never a need to look too far for all your music listening experiences.