So, you’re looking to set up your own podcast? That’s no problem, many people all over the world publish weekly podcasts covering everything from pop culture (a lot of pop culture actually) to the history of Ottoman Empire. Audio podcast have a great following and only seem to get more and more copious as time goes on. It can however be difficult knowing how to take those first steps into publishing your own, well fear not, there are plenty of places where you can host your show that’ll be simple and user friendly enough to have you publishing like a pro in no time.


Easily the most recognisable audio hosting service out there, SoundCloud is a great starting point for beginners, its free and easy to use and has all the basics when it comes to listeners being able to access your podcast. The RSS feed integration will allow you to share your feed with places like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher which are some of the main outlets for listeners. By using embeddable players, you can place them anywhere on the web, this can be great if you have set up a sight separately. You can also allow people to listen through Twitter, either using the browser or the app thanks to Twitter card feature. There are several plans on SoundCloud that will allow you to access more features, upload files faster and preview more advanced statistic but the free services are a great place to begin and see how you find the experience.


PodBean Is a great place to host your podcast and has found itself becoming more and more popular over the years. It has many of the features you’ll find with most hosting sights however it does have many of its own which are really handy. It has its own app available on iOS and android devices which will allow you to record your episodes through your device or even listen to other shows on the site. Mobile app management is extremely handy, meaning you can work on your podcast and site on the go. Their major pull is there sponsorship market, they use dynamic adverts which are designed to link sponsors to appropriate audiences. If you receive regular numbers for listeners and consistent episodes this is a great way to make some money from your show.


If you’re looking for something that is truly user friendly then Buzzsprout might be the best option for you, it provides and up to date service designed to be as simplistic as possible without any limitations. The dashboard is one of best designed available and as such is incredibly easy to interact with, you’ll be publishing and uploading episodes in no time at all. It also has, the option to schedule shows in advance perfect for keeping your show running smoothly whilst you’re on holiday. If you already have a service but are looking to change then you can easily transfer all your episodes over to Buzzsprout too. On starting you’ll be provided with a free trial for 90 days, after that the service will cost you but it’s certainly worth it.